Approximate cost.

The exact fee will vary slightly depending on what form of ongoing contraception you choose and exact item numbers used on the day, but your out of pocket cost (for Medicare card holders) remains the same. You will also need to pay for 2 prescriptions please see below for more details.

We prefer payment by EFTPOS, Visa or Mastercard and use the “easyclaim” and Tyro systems which give you instant access to the Medicare rebate portion of your fee on the day. We also accept cash.

All out of pocket expenses are payable at your assessment appointment, accounts are not given. All follow up appointments with our service are included in this upfront fee, except where you choose the Mirena or copper coil as your ongoing form of contraception. The Mirena or copper coil attracts an additional out of pocket expense of $100 (with Medicare card) or $195 (without Medicare card) at the time the device is fitted in addition to the cost of the device (see below).

Additional costs you will need to pay will be the price of 2 prescriptions, the medical abortion pill, and ongoing contraception.

The cost of these will vary depending on if you hold a Health Care Card ($6.30 each), no concession card but Medicare card ($38.80 each) or no Medicare card when you are liable for the full cost of both scripts. The exception to this is if you choose the Copper coil for contraception as this is not listed on the PBS and full private cost is payable by all patients.

If you don’t have a Medicare card your medication costs will be likely in excess of $350 but will vary depending on what form of ongoing contraception you choose. Please contact us and we can provide a more accurate estimate.

If you are not eligible for Medicare but hold Health Insurance you may be able to access some funding, please clarify this with your individual health insurer.

In exceptional cases the medical abortion may fail (less than 1%). If this is the case you may require further medication (depending on how far progressed the pregnancy is), or referral for a surgical termination of pregnancy. There will be additional costs in this situation (either prescription charges or medical fees for a surgical termination) which TEPSS does not cover and for which you will be liable.

TEPSS does not offer bulk billing. If you are in significant financial distress there are local agencies who may provide some assistance with fees at their discretion, we can provide details on request.