Fees include 2 routine appointments and include the following: 

  • Ultrasound dating scan assessment during your initial appointment (additional cost of approximately $130 out of pocket for a dating scan with Radiology providers without a concession card).
  • Provision of contraception is included at no additional charge (except intra-uterine contraceptive devices). For hormone or copper intra-uterine device insertion additional clinic fees will apply, a copper IUD can be provided at a cost of $100 (not covered under PBS/Medicare script)

The exact combination of additional Medicare item numbers applied will vary on the day and on a case by case basis however the gap and primary item number will be the same. There is no concession rate for this service.


If you are not eligible for Medicare your private health insurer may provide some rebates, we will provide you with a detailed receipt including attendance item numbers. If you do not have Medicare and have already had an Ultrasound performed elsewhere (with the results available to us) you will receive a $75 discount.

If you attend your appointment and it is not possible for you to proceed with the medical termination on medical grounds a reduced fee with gap of $175-$300 (with/without Medicare) will be charged. In this situation we will arrange a referral for surgical termination which will have an addition cost for which we are not liable.

We prefer payment by EFTPOS, Visa or Mastercard and use the “easyclaim” and Tyro systems which give you instant access to the Medicare rebate portion of your fee on the day. We also accept cash.

In rare cases the medical abortion may fail (less than 5%). If this is the case you may require further medication (depending on how far progressed the pregnancy is), or referral for a surgical termination of pregnancy. There will be additional costs in this situation which TEPSS does not cover and for which you will be liable.

If you are a pension or health care card holder or currently in financial distress we may be able to assist with fees. Please discuss this further with our receptionists